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To get ready for the first tour of the Humanity contest of 2013-2014 in the English language part you have to study the biographies of some of the main politicians during the World War I, that is Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Henry Asquith, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, David Lloyd George, Emperor Nicholas II, King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

You also should learn the following words to make it easier to fulfill the tasks at the contest:

negotiations, treaty, consideration, military draft, welfare state, social insurance, reduction, achievements, invasion, impact, violation, alliance, incompetent handling, cradle, intervention.

Adjectives: influential, hostile, uninspiring, intolerable, impetuous, bombastic, alien.

Verbs: to wage a war, to promote, to suppress, to declare a war, to regard, to appease, to issue, to overshadow, to anger, to dismiss, to humiliate, to defeat, to approve, to involve.

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