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Задание к финалу Гуманитарной олимпиады по английскому языку

Чтобы подготовиться к олимпиаде в английской части, изучите внимательно следующий текст:

1. To get prepared for the Humanity contest 2013-14 in English part you have to study attentively the relationships of the three monarchs in war: George V of Britain, Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. It is important to know not only their relations through their grandmother, but also how and why they behaved during the war and after the war to each other.

2. From women suffragists to civil rights leaders, from union officials to corporate executives, people sought to turn the war to their advantage or to the advantage of the groups to which they belonged. Find out what privileges the women in Britain gained because of the World War I.

3. President Wilson was prepared to accept a global role for the United States to obtain a compromise peace. His formula for a satisfactory end to the fighting was “peace without victory.” Study Wilson’s attitude to World War I and find out what he received as a result for his efforts.

4. Any war has a double effect on the civilisation: on the one hand, it is the most destructive force which empties whole countries; on the other hand, during the war scientists brainstorm ideas which lead to development of new weapons. Find information about the new weapons used in World War I.

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