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The task for the contest
“William Shakespeare and His Time”


1. You should know the names of the rulers of that time and to pronounce them correctly. You should be able to tell briefly about the deads of these rulers.

2. You are to know the names of Shakespeare’s contemporaries: Inigo Jones, Sir Francis Drake, Ben Jonson, John Donne, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Sir Fracis Bacon and to pronounce them correctly. You are to explain what made them famous and what they contributed to the history or some field of science of their country.

3. You should know and be able to speak about the theatrical performances of The Elithabethan time.

4. You are to know about about the life of William Shakespeare and his family, be able to speak about it and to answer the questions.

5. You should know information about Stradford- upon – Avon, be able to answer the questions.

6. You are to know about debates on Shakespeare’s authorship, be able to talk about it.

7. You should be able to tell what has intrigued or captivated or surprused you during your work and getting the information, what extra interesting or unexpected information have you faced.

8. You are to design a list with the titles of your sources of information, you should mention where and how easy they are available ( district library, school library, school information center, internet sites, personal teacher’s or student’s book)


These books and sites can help you to find the main information:

1. Ощепкова В.В. Britain in Brief. - М.: Лист, 1997.

2. Яковлева Е.В. Об англоязычной культуре на английском языке. - М.: Московский лицей, 1996.

3. Satinova V.F. Read and Speak about Britain and the British. - Минск: Высшэйшая школа, 1996.

4. Павлоцкий В.М. Знакомимся с Британией. - СПб.: Игрек-М, 1996.

5. Internet sources:

Shakespeare's life
Boyd on Shakespeare
Authorship debate
Shakespeare's contemporaries
Performing Shakespeare in the 17th century
Shakespeare's London
Shakespeare's Stratford
Life and times

6. Articles from both Russian and English encyclopedias.

7. Additional sources.

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